Sunday, June 1, 2008

Up for the Challenge of June

I've decided that I'm best working towards a bit of a goal so in an effort to develop more of a normalised habit around my blog (which I feel I've been rather neglectful of) I'm going to have a go at posting each day for the month of June. 30 posts in 30 days.... on things I love - that I find in my travels, like this I came across while in Picton recentlyand of course all things textile. This is another piece off the quilt in memory of my grandfather. Not one of his pieces of stitching but one that I am certain he would have approved of. It was part of a set of three and there is a much larger companion piece which was too big to go onto this quilt and far too high quality to slice into. One day it may become part of a cushion cover. Or then again I might just take it out to enjoy from time to time. Such are the pleasures of textiles!

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