Monday, June 9, 2008

Something for Winter

It was such a perfect day today that you could have thought it wasn't winter at all, if it wasn't for the rose hips growing on the roses rather than flowers down at the Botanical Gardens. However it really has been pretty cold, especially at 8.15am on Saturday mornings when I am regularly found on an exposed netball court watching our daughter play. I've decided that what was really called for to more this more endurable during the wind and rain we seem to be regularly encountering was a new beanie. So here it is - modeled by a less than impressed boy. A Debbie Bliss pattern, sized for a 3-4 year old (not sure what this says about either the size of my head or my knitting), and some left over Debbie Bliss cashmerino arun. It feels great.
I think it will do the trick!

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