Saturday, June 21, 2008

With the best of intentions...

I've afraid the technology card has reared its ugly head again and kept me away from my good intentions - such is life... However I have managed to find some more luscious curves and appealing shots. These all caught my eye this morning, before the early morning Saturday netball game, while enjoying hot chocolate with son two. Wonderful curving ironwork,waiting to be sketched, stitched and enjoyed,
and this fabulous vase with dried hydrangeas - it was cold, the cafe windows were steamed up and the new hat had only just come off my head.
This afternoon I took the children to see Prince Caspian. We all enjoyed it, and I particularly enjoyed the costumes which featured lots of stitching, smoking and gathers done in luscious linen. There was also lots of great New Zealand scenery to be spotted by those in the know - thank you Andrew Adamson for again showcasing our country.

However, I was left with some nagging questions at the end of the film - why do we regard stories about the classic battles between good and evil, with the inevitable violence and mayhem, as a sure fire way to entertain our children?? What drove C.S.Lewis and Tolkien to focus so much on these themes for entertainment? Is it just an extension of the themes of fairy tales? It's great that good triumphs but there always seems to be so much carnage along the way. What messages does that instill? Or am I just taking this, and probably myself, all too seriously??

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