Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life Intervenes

Isn't it so often the way that when you think things are going along well that life seems to sooner had I picked relatives up from the airport that over half the family were struck by a nasty virus that's been swirling around the local schools. The quilt I made the last time this happened says it all.... our guests hid in their room, huddled in front of the fire and generally tried to avoid having anything to do with us...charming! Thank goodness they are are here for a week.I love using linen and was having a run of making small linen pieces when I made this. It was also my first experiment with stamping - it even ended up with a few smears on it, which was fitting given the subject matter!

In other news - autumn has arrived. Its been a wonderful long hot summer but it is over.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Diversionary Tactics

It's so satisfying to have one project done and be able to move to the next without it still hanging around - here's a small corner of my Japanese quilt complete with binding. In no time at all it will be covering the bed for my brother and sister in law when they come to stay. Only small problem is the major transformation that will be required to turn the creative chaos of my sewing room into a welcoming guest room.... at least the bed will look welcoming! So since I can't be starting something large at the moment I've been pondering those curves I love. This small quilt was inspired by the Australian movie, The Oyster Farmer, which had the most amazing shots (a NZ cinematograher and director!) of the Hawkesbury River and all the curves and oxbows that snake through the landscape. It was transfixing. I have a lot more of these in my sketch pads and in my brain waiting to be realised...
In the meantime there is always the diversionary tactics of searching the Internet for new old embroideries to snap up (I am currently waiting for 27 pieces to wing into the mail box - can't wait to get my hands on those and take photos of the real gems I'm hoping will be amongst the pile) and of course the limitless attractions of rearranging china on the dresser.
I stitched this charming Dutch couple from an old iron on pattern that I found in an antique shop - more to come in the series. They are so sweet and fun to stitch. In due course a number of my Dutch relatives will also share in these delights. If only there were more hours in the day to indulge in such enjoyment.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where did that week go?

Time seems to have flown by but there has been lots of work in progress here at Sustaining Stitches. I always seem to have a few projects on the go and this week has been no exception. I've been planning new curtains for one of the children for a while and have been saving up old denim to make the curtains from. We saw a very inspiring picture of curtains made out of denim in an old copy of Inside Out, an Australian interiors magazine. The child in question got very excited at the thought of being able to stow various treasures in the pockets. Last weekend I finally sprung into action - cutting 10 inch squares and sewing them up into strips like a patchwork quilt.

The activity was really helped along by the discovery of 7 pairs of jeans for a mere $2.50 at our local Op (thrift) shop! So exciting - and so sustainable. So I have the first of three curtains complete - its as large as our king size bed and weights a ton! Hope the curtain rails will be able to support it... Of course the other issue with the curtains is what I may find hidden in the pockets by the time he's a teenager.... Oh well I can always sew up the pockets in a few years time I guess!

But wait - there's more... I've also finished the binding on my Japanese quilt and also knitted a pair of fingerless gloves. Photos to come in the next exciting installment...

So how does this make me feel??