Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life Intervenes

Isn't it so often the way that when you think things are going along well that life seems to sooner had I picked relatives up from the airport that over half the family were struck by a nasty virus that's been swirling around the local schools. The quilt I made the last time this happened says it all.... our guests hid in their room, huddled in front of the fire and generally tried to avoid having anything to do with us...charming! Thank goodness they are are here for a week.I love using linen and was having a run of making small linen pieces when I made this. It was also my first experiment with stamping - it even ended up with a few smears on it, which was fitting given the subject matter!

In other news - autumn has arrived. Its been a wonderful long hot summer but it is over.

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Marilyn said...

I do hope Liam is on the mend and didn't relapse after seeing me last night!! Lovely photo of autumn leaves - would this be your mailbox on view??