Saturday, June 14, 2008

WIP - Day 4

Well here's a little taster of where I'm going now with this piece. I think that adding in the coloured groups of french knots definitely helps, but I have lots more to do. I'm planning a bit more stitching in front of the telly tonight, so hopefully I'll get this finished (or as finished as these things ever are!) for our meeting next week. Friends who saw it yesterday, while I was stitching over a cup of coffee, were asking me what I was planning to do with it. Somehow I think this always such a loaded question - don't they really mean: What are you wasting you time making that for? What on earth are you going to do with it? Why are you spending your time on something you are just going to hide away somewhere? I didn't take offence (they are dear friends and stitchers themselves and I don't for a moment think they meant it in any of those ways) but it did get me thinking about what could be done with small journal sized quilts on my stroll home.

The best idea I came up with was covers for note books. Let me know if you can think of anything else - I do have a growing pile and some of them would hopefully appeal to someone other than me!

Contemplating the rounded forms in the piece had me searching for photos of other rounded forms that I've taken. There is a nice rhythm to them. Regular yet unpredictable. Quite like the overlay in this photo from the fence - makes me think of quilting lines of course.

I feel another piece coming on...

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