Monday, June 2, 2008

All roads lead to...

When I asked my children yesterday if they wanted to come for a walk with me the all chorused "Not if you are going to the Cemetery!" We live close to the Karori Cemetery which was the main cemetery for Wellington from around 1880 to 1960. Its very hilly through there so quite a few of the plots aren't particularly well maintained. However there is lots of beautiful masonry and wrought iron around the graves which I enjoy wandering through. I enjoy the serenity of it - no cars and lots of birds.The kids don't get it but can usually be bribed out with the promise of an ice block on the way home. Yesterday even this didn't work so I had the luxury of walking alone without the running commentary questioning why we were there.On another note, here is another piece of my grandfathers embroidery. I've always thought it would look great as a small cushion on our bed, but I've been told in no uncertain terms that there are limits to the number of cushions one house could need. So I'm thinking it may have to wait until we have "spare" beds in the house.....I'm sure 10 years will go past in a flash!

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