Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Those seductive curves

Once you start looking for them they are everywhere - in nature and the creations of others. I always enjoy finding curves while on my strolls around town, and especially when they are made from wrought iron. There is a grace about it I find appealing. They are quite tricky to cut with the same sort of grace using a rotary cutter - more practice is the only answer I think. What a prospect.

Hope you are enjoying the old embroidery - I think this piece may be destined to become a tea cosy some day - its what the shape suggests to me at the moment. Any other bright ideas? Let me know...

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Gina E. said...

Hi Philippa, I found you on Stitchin Fingers, and noticed your interest in vintage embroidery. Join the club - me too! I'm browsing your lovely blog and just have to comment on some of these gorgeous items. The stitching on this is just gorgeous, isn't it? Not sure if I'd make a tea cosy of it - is it a table runner in its existing form?