Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today was D-Day

for my embellished piece to be finished and my stitching friends have just left. Confession time - this is how far I've got with the pieceAs you can see I'm still only half way through with the embellishment, although I am feeling happier with it. I need to get a rattle on. We've had a most interesting discussion about what embellishment actually is and even have to consult the venerable Oxford English Dictionary for confirmation. It defines it as to "heighten with elaborate additions". We had this discussion as we'd all approached our pieces quite differently and after much thought the consensus was that I was the only person who had actually embellished their piece. However this is not exactly something to be proud of as the other criteria for the piece - that it be indigo - was something I failed at completely.

As a result its back to the drawing board for us all - the others have to do something that is actually embellished, while I have to get the colour right - deep violet blue.

Thank goodness for the Oxford English Dictionary - how else would we settle such troublesome issues!

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