Friday, May 30, 2008

Drowning in Denim

My sewing room (and perhaps even my life) has been overtaken by denim. It is stacked high in the cupboards and gradually being transformed into curtains for the youngest son's bedroom. After thinking and talking about it for ages I'm finally doing it and have finished two of the three curtains that he needs. They are larger than a king size quilt so take some making but I'm well into the swing of it now. With two hung his room is feeling noticeably warmer and best of all he loves them. I think what he has loved most of all is working out which small animal should go in which pocket!
However I think I'm becoming a victim of my own success as my other two children love the curtains and have decided that they too need them. Thank goodness they only have one window each in their rooms. So I will be very intimately acquainted with the handling of denim by the time I get through these.

In rare moments I have escaped the call of the denim and had a couple of dalliances with another favourite - linen. The pile of tea towels was calling and one morning I decided that I could no longer live without a new peg bag. After all, my peg apron is purely for show! Far to beautiful to put pegs in - besides I like scaring the children by threatening to wear it out of the house.... The friend who had given me the pile of old tea towels (including the Union Jack I used for the bag) thought it was hilarious and politely declined my offer to make her one. What should I take from that?? This my other linen piece - from a fabulous large piece I found at the Salvation Army in Johnsonville for only $4. Can't go past a linen bargain! As you will have guessed its another of my wavey lines...the obsession is no where near abated.But its a beautiful day here today so I must away for some time in the sun, even if the temperature is low! Happy stitching, or strolling - whatever you have planned for the day for the long weekend.

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