Friday, July 4, 2008

Beaded Hearts

My small quilt for the Guild exhibition is almost finished - only the binding and some more hand stitching to go. A perfect job for an evening in front of the roaring fire and the next episode of Project Runway this evening. They are due to be handed in tomorrow morning so I am doing very well time wise! I've decided that a small sneak won't do anyone too much harm....

As you can see I have been seduced by the curve again - when is the tipping point that something become obsessive do you think?

Speaking of obsessions here's another small embroidered doiley - it stood out amongst a group I found on Trade Me and called to me to come to live with my collection. I think it will end up on the front of the quilt I have planned for my daughter. I know that my husband certainly thinks that my continual hunting and purchasing of such treasures is obsessive.

I'm off to an exhibition opening at Minerva tonight with one of my sewing friends - should be fun - I will post in due course about it all.

Meanwhile it has just started torrentialy raining and hailing here - that would be because it is only 15 mins until school finishes. Why does the weather always seem to turn just as you have to head out the door to collect children from school???

1 comment:

Annette said...

What a sweet doily. So pretty. Your quilt is looking nice, I'll look forward to seeing the whole quilt.