Thursday, July 17, 2008

The perils and pleasures of mid-winter

I've been having a bit of break from blogging while the school holidays are on here and the focus has instead being on how to successfully entertain three children simultaneously. It hasn't been a complete success. I generally seem to only succeed with two of them at once, leaving one claiming terminal boredom. I find that this winter holiday is the toughest - the weather is generally miserable and the kids seem to think that the weather means they should be able to watch non-stop DVDs and play computer games. I suspect it is slightly harrowing for all four of us and that we are all looking forward, in one way or another, to the start of the new term next week.

Having got that off my chest, so to speak, I have managed to fit in a couple of textile related pursuits. I got the card quilt completed and submitted in time to meet the Guild deadline. Here it is temporarily hanging at Guild last week. I'm pleased with it and will be happy to have it back home, which is a lot more than can be said for some of my challenge efforts in the past. One memorable effort was so grim that it was confiscated by friends for serious rework with the injection of multiple brightly coloured strips. As it was they considered it looked like "something my cat had vomited in the middle of". I kid you not - that was their exact words. They are burnt onto my memory. It was duly returned greatly improved. Hopefully they won't think that similar action is required this time!

I've also managed to add to my vintage embroidery collection. When I found this Dutch piece on Trade Me it was a "must buy" for me. If anyone can tell me what the Dutch text says, I'd be most grateful!
I've also found a new winter activity to join the knitting. I've been thinking of doing this for a while and started it this week after finding the perfect blanket locally in an op shop. I'm embroidering the English translation to a Maori proverb at one end, and it will have the Maori text at the other end. The proverb comes from the Maori tribe that my husband and children whakapapa to (are descended from). It is about the rewards of hard work so I'd always thought it would be good to send children off to university with. However, given the kids are only 13 and 9 I decided that I really couldn't wait that long! Must have been the preoccupation with getting them out of the house and away from the tv which led to my fortuitous find.... funny how things work out. I'm very pleased with it and think that there are likey to be more coming along, providing I can find the blankets. I have a collection of quotes just itching to be stitched.


Anonymous said...

Hmm babel fish translates it as "This way if the bluebell taps at home, it taps nowhere." Even more mysterious!!

Martine said...

Zoals het klokje thuis tikt, tikt het nergens!
The clock tics nowhere as it does at home, wich means; its nowhere as cosy as it is at home.