Friday, March 27, 2009

The Primal Urge

It seems that the moment the seasons turn (and believe me they have turned with speed here over the last week or so) I get the irresistible urge to pick up the knitting needles. There is something very comforting about the thought that you can create something that will keep you warm in the cold months ahead and I find the rhythm of the needles particularly soothing.

So I've started small this year with a couple of hats for babies that will be arriving over the next few months to friends. I love these as they whip up so quickly and are always appreciated - every baby needs lots of hats if they are to be born into the wintry climate here in Wellington. I've been using Debbie Bliss baby cashmarino for these and as a result now have my much older children almost begging for hats of their own out of this wool.

Now I know this is a slightly odd thing to say, but I am really looking forward to the weather getting much colder so that I can wear (and let's be honest here - show off) the amazing gauntlet mittens that I was given at Christmas. My dear friend Marilyn, knitter extraordinaire, made these for me after I admired them in a book she had from the library. They are an absolute work of art - I am going to be the most stylish mother,watching winter sports from the side lines, in the whole of Wellington with these on! How could you not look at these and not wish that the weather was already cold enough to wear them?

Actually, if the truth be told, I really prefer the colder months to the truly hot. Once autumn is here you can wrap yourself up in wool and just snuggle up. The more generous swathes of fabric that we tend to wear in the cooler months hide a multitude of figure flaws and I just find it more comforting somehow. No doubt I will have to come back and repeatedly read this when I feel like complaining about the wild weather when we are in the depths of winter!

I have my next knitting project in my sights - but first I have to find a circular knitting needle, size 19mm. It's a monster of a project and I'm itching to get started - all that is holding me back are the elusive needles....


Jacky said...

I am suffering from mitten envy... those are the most beautiful mittens I have ever seen. What a wonderful friend you have!

Marilyn said...

How kind of you Jacky. It was very interesting while mitten knitting - some folk were non committal in clearly a 'please God don't give them to me' kind of way. Others could see their beauty. The pattern is based on Suzani - embroidery from Uzbekistan way - and was in a Vogue Knitting mag.

Jacky said...

Hi Marilyn, thanks for your comment, I will definately keep an eye open for those Vogue knitting mags. Mind you, I have never attemped anything as difficult as mittens (scarves and very easy jumpers have been my limit), but these are inspirational. I love the Suzani embroidery from Uzbekistan...beautiful!
Do you have a blog of your own, I would love to visit.

Ahipara Girl said...

god i love ur knitting. i have a pair of newborn pants that are taking me three months to knit.