Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Challenges of Collaboration

I'd imagined that my new collaboration would be lengthy and give my daughter and I lots of time to spend up in the sewing room together.... Now why would I have thought that?

Instead of this idealised picture I've been under pressure this week - my daughter has been sewing faster than I can cut and she's mentioned it to me, maybe about a dozen times, in that disappointed "you are holding me up" way that children have. Put simply, I've been racing to keep up.

Fortunately she has just had a busy weekend that kept her out of the house, preparing for Waka Ama Nationals (it's a form of Maori outrigger canoeing). It was the most perfect day, better than most we had this summer, so sitting watching the waka races was a great way to spend the afternoon. Having got her out of the house early this morning, I finally managed to catch up.... and all the blocks are now prepared for her to start sewing the whole top together.
Thank goodness - she has the look of excitement back in her eyes. At this rate this could be the quickest quilt ever made in this house - if the pressure doesn't kill me first!

1 comment:

Jacky said...

The passion and excitement of the young (need to get some of that back myself!!!).

The quilt is looking amazing! You must be a very proud mum making this collaborative quilt with your daughter. Something to treasure for many, many years.