Saturday, March 22, 2008

What fun was had today!

As promised here is a shot of the Japanese quilt that I've been working on. Finished the quilting on it today so now it is just waiting for a nice red binding and a label and it will be complete. This quilt has been a while in the making - many of the pieces of fabric were sent to me by a friend who was living in Tokyo about five years ago. Some of my favourites are in this photo - the indigo with dragonflies and the indigo woven fabric to the right in particular.

It's been a real textile day as my daughter and I went out to Craft 2 at the New Dowse and were very tempted, and inspired, by all the creations out there. I came back with a fabulous necklace made by Art Divine featuring a 1955 Auckland Centenary stamp (so the ex-stamp collecting husband was able to tell me!) My daughter could not leave behind a rabbit from Scrappers who has since been named Herman - well it is Easter! This caused envy with one of her brothers and lengthy discussion on whether she could make him something similar for his birthday. We'll all have to wait for that great event.

Thought you might also like to see my treasured apron that I found a few weeks ago. All hand made, I think its fabulous and keep causing great consternation among the children by telling them I am planning to wear it out of the house one day. They are starting to dread me coming to school to pick them up. It even had an outing in the office last week as I discovered it was in my handbag from an earlier show and tell. The cause of much laughter - and what more could you want from such a thing of beauty.
There are new peg aprons made to this exact pattern in one of the local shops - and this original cost me a fraction of the price of the new one. To my mind there is no competition at all. Some of my friends were very taken with this one though - I'm thinking that they may become a fabulous new line in gifts for a lucky few.... They are definately the sort of thing that could only go to a special home where they'd be fully appreciated. In the meantime I'll just keeping wearing it around the house and winding up the children - what fun!

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Gina E. said...

LUV your peg apron! I have a few beauties in my collection too.