Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lets start at the very beginning...

Well here we go - my first blog!

I've been enjoying reading and seeing the work of other people out in the vapours of the Internet and decided that it was time to have a go myself and join the fun.

I've been sewing for almost as long as I can remember - embroidery and quilts are my thing. As I tell people who ask about sewing, I only sew flat things! Trying to make clothes to fit real bodies is not my thing at all. My quilts are mostly domestic pieces, made for those I love, but I hanker after being wildly creative and doing my own thing. This is a small piece on the roots of a fig tree against sandstone. I just love the gentle curving lines and want to play with these a lot more.

As for embroidery, I love vintage stitching. Domestic textiles are something I find hard to walk past and I have a growing collection. Both my maternal grandparents were prolific stitchers, particularly my grandfather. His stitching was the family secret - so I guess this is outing him. He was a wonderful embroiderer and I would love to have half his talent.

This is a piece of his stitching which I put into a quilt I have made in his memory.
Why sustaining stitches? Stitching is my great passion - and I always feel a nicer person when I've had some time with textiles.... More soon....

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Gina E. said...

What a fantastic idea to incorporate your grandfather's stitching into a quilt! Great family heirloom.