Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Southern Textile Treats

What trip away would be complete without the odd textile treasure snapped along the way. This well dressed cabbage tree was at the bottom of Baldwin St in Dunedin.

Baldwin St has the distinction of being the steepest street in the world. How steep? This should give you an idea.

While we were there several tour buses stopped there for people to view it - I suspect I was the only one who stopped to photographed the cabbage tree. We all walked to the top - one of my boys even ran it! There are obviously a few characters on the street - I loved this letter box.

In Queenstown I was most taken by these two pieces of knitwear - anyone with a pile of orphan peggy squares might want to start stitching them up into coats. This one was retailing for a mere $1600NZ. Obviously they were targeting significantly more well heeled travellers than us! I joked to my husband about buying it for him to wear - and it was then he pointed out the price which had us both shaking our heads in amazement.

Let me know if you are inspired to pick up the needles - there could be a retailer waiting for your work in Queenstown.

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Ali B said...

I love both those coats. What do you mean you didn't want to wear them! I saw a pic once of Cate Blanchet in a mini skirt made of crochet squares - looked cool but you had to be very thin and very trendy