Monday, February 6, 2012

Borders for Frida & the Amulets

A few hours of uninterrupted stitching was all it took to get the black borders onto the Frida blocks and to get all the blocks put together. Sunday afternoon's are my favourite time for stitching if I can manage it - the National Radio has it's Arts Programme on so there is always something good to listen to while I am working away. 

I enjoy this part of the quilting process - It's always exciting to see the blocks  start to come together.

The black borders provide a real frame for each of the fabrics and for the block as a whole and make all the colours seem richer.

I'm yet to decide on whether there needs to be another outer border, or maybe even more than one - I suspect so. Something colourful and lush befitting the garden that Frida had with Deigo. It's going to add some real colour zing to our guest bed - assuming I can keep it off my daughter's bed! Mind you I am the one who has recently been given Frida socks, all the way from the US, so if anyone should be wrapped up in it I think it should be me.

My friend who I made the applique quilt for confessed to me yesterday that she had been reading my blog, although not until after she had been given it. She said she was showing it to her mother to try to show her how long it takes me to get a quilt together. Her mother was apparently amazed that there was a quilt on the computer that looked just like the one her daughter owned! Not sure that she managed to convince her of the work involved really but it gave us all a good laugh.

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Jacky said...

oh it looks fantastic!!! The black borders really set it all off. I love the name of the quilt too, very special.
It would be hard to let that one go, I would want to wrap myself up in this quilt!

You're so clever.

Jacky xox