Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspiration Abounds

I have been ruined in the last week - I have spent it tripping around the South Island, catching up with old friends, eating too much, laughing loudly and seeming to find inspiration at every turn. It's been wonderful - have a look...

Fantastic rock shapes in Kaikoura waiting to be materialise in a quilt

I know this man looks real but he is actually a sculpture by Ron Merck currently at the Christchurch Art Gallery - there to remind me to always wonder just what will be coming next in life
A fabulously memorable meal was had in this restaurant and as well as laughing so much I cried I couldn't help marveling at this wall - another quilt in the waiting

Clearly I have a "thing" about these colours and forms as there is clear repetition in my photos even though they were taken in vastly different locations

So just for a change here is the view I enjoyed on New Years Day - vibrant blue with the best of NZ summer - pohutukawa red

I have textile treasures to share too - but they will have to wait for the next post....
I hope the start to the new year has been as inspiring and vibrant for you as it has been for me!

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Jacky said...

Philippa sounds like you have the best time! Friends, fun and heaps of inspiration. Beautiful photo's...thanks for sharing and I cant wait to see what comes of all of this inspiration.

Looking forward to seeing the goodies you acquired on your trip too.

Jacky xox