Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back Behind the Machine

We had a horrid cold and wet day over the weekend (it was like winter had arrived 4 months early) so I did what quilters do in these circumstances and took to my sewing room and the growing pile of kimono that I have been steadily unpicking.

I decided I wanted this next quilt to be similar but different to the kimono quilt I made before Christmas - siblings rather than twins. So this one has some purple in it and some different fabrics and may well end up with a different structural shape. This was the first try at pining it out but my daughter's verdict was that it was too busy and needed less variation.

I tended to agree - she has a good eye. Must be hanging around looking at so many quilts over the yearsSo this is the revised version. I have put together the central panels and still have the side pieces to do.I'm also tempted to put a red border at the top to give the impression of a Japanese Shinto shrine gate - Daughter thought it should just have a red border all around it. But who knows I may rebel and just do what I want.... talk about daring!


Dana W. Fisher said...

This is just stunning, Phillipa. I love it!

kreachr said...

I'm not at all surprised that your talents have rubbed off on your daughter :-)

I've yet to get behind my machine this year, but I have a challenge to meet, the deadline for which is drawing ever closer! Must get moving...

Hope to see you in the next few months - fingers crossed