Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kimono in Progress

One of the marvellous things about quilting is that there is always something to learn.... and I am certainly learning with this quilt. Using different types of fabrics in one quilt, wool, cotton and silk and with these often having different weights, it's been giving me real headaches as I have quilted it. I'm pleased with how it looks but it is moving so much that I have had to re-pin it several times already as I have worked on it. Just look at the rippling...
I think next time I work on something with such different types of fabric I will invest in the spray on glue so I can more effectively stick the layers together and stop (or at least minimise) the movement. Lots of people swear by it - and its got to be better than this has been.
As light relief I've made a couple of Christmas angels....
If only quilts could be this quick and easy!


Jacky said...

I dont envy you this job....I hate when it gets all slippy!
Looking good though, so keep at it!!!!
Love those angels.

Jacky xox

Glorybox said...

Hello there,
I've been meaning to thank you for linking to a blog some friends and I write (Glorybox). It's nice to make connections with like-minded people, even if only digitally.