Sunday, December 26, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

I seem to have had an unusually busy run up to Christmas this year - probably had something to do with my getting not one, but two contracts for work, which started in the weeks before Christmas and needed some urgent attention. After several months of not working at all it meant that the inevitable last minute preparations were somewhat squeezed. I found myself promising that next year would be different.... where have I heard that before?

However all seemed to get completed in time, even if there was a fair bit of stitching completed on Christmas Eve, once I had our daughter safely out of the house. So, the kimono wedding quilt is fully quilted and bound and just waiting for a label.... I'm very pleased with it and am sure there will be a few more of these to be made. I had an idea a few days out from Christmas that I could do something with blankets and doilies to create a picnic blanket for an extended family member. However, my daughter found me in the sewing room as I was in the early stages and declared that it was far too good to leave the house as she loved it and wanted it for her room.... What can you say? The next day she was asking what I was doing with the blankets and I told her that I had put them away as I had no time to work on it. In reality I was frantically stitching every time I could get her off the property or into bed.

The result was this blanket which is now on her bed - she was delighted, so it was an effort well worthwhile.
I joked to one of my friends that I am planning a book to be published next your - 101 Things to do with Old Doilies.
Just as well I have so many of them waiting to be played with and made into something new...
And I've also been hard at it with the angels - I think I've made around a dozen of these this year. There's not too much left of my baby blanket, which they were all made from - I will have to make sure I make one each for the children before it is all used up.

We had a lovely Christmas - lunch for 12 was a smaller affair than we have had in recent years, but a good time was had by all.
Best wishes for a restful holiday season to you all.


Jacky said...'ve squishes in a lot coming up to Christmas!!!
The kimono quilt looks fantastic (I would have such a hard time giving that away...but such a lovely thing for a wedding gift!).

I smiled at your daughter wanting the blanket/doily quilt. It really is a treasure isnt beautiful and a great way of recycling your old blankets.

And those beautiful angels from the baby blanket. Just perfect.

We had a quiet day, only six of us, but such a lovely day. I just looove Christmas, all the food, all the fun and family and friends to share it all with.

Take care and time for you to have a little rest????

Jacky xox

Stitchbird said...

Love the doilie/blanket angels. And yes please a book on 100 uses for doilies would be great as a fellow collector of old linen (although I must admit to not cutting into alot of it yet) some inspiration would be great.
Had to laugh about the blanket. I bought a scarf for myself before Christmas which my daughter declared her love for - so you can guess who has it now. Happy holidays to you and yours - Lyndy

Lisa said...

Ohhhhhhh look at all that stitching at the kimono quilt! You have been very busy indeed. What a lovely gift. What a lucky friend!