Friday, March 5, 2010

There's Nothing Like a Deadline

It focuses the mind, gets the foot to the sewing machine pedal and before I know it I am almost half way through the blocks for the birthday quilt. Well, it's either the deadline or just plain avoidance of the work I need to get finished up! Only yesterday I told a friend that I was focused on finishing a report I need to write for work and that there'd be no blocks made until it was finished. And here I am a mere day later - and I seem to have finished 16 blocks.... Either way it seems to be working - I'm clearly going to make the quilt deadline.

I also keep pondering this little pile of trimmings. Normally I would toss these without a second thought, but they look so appealing I've been wondering just what I could find to do with them.
These thoughts, I willingly concede, are pure report writing avoidance. So easy to spot the life time habits of a procrastinator!


Jacky said...

The quilt is really coming along... you are a good person with deadlines!!!
I agree, those little left over strips look wonderful, I definately wouldnt be throwing them out. Such beautiful colours. Maybe a little strippy quilt or even some fabric weaving like Jude Hill does.

Well done with your deadline and keep that head down and foot on the pedal.

Jacky xox

Marilyn said...

Well done - blocks looking great. Those strips look quite log cabinny...