Monday, March 1, 2010

And onto the new

Such a fun day today as I was able to give my finished quilt to my friend - I'm pleased to say that she loved it and is thrilled to have something to wrap herself up in. Of course the other marvellous thing about binding, that I didn't mention yesterday, is it means that you are able to get onto the next new thing. And get onto it I have.

For me the next new thing is a quilt for a family member to mark her 70th birthday. I have long thought about making this quilt and was quietly confident I would have enough time as I had a clear two months to get it made - that was until I discovered that we are meeting a month early to celebrate her birthday! So here I sit with only a month ahead - as you can see from the photo I am at a somewhat preliminary stage.

Thank goodness for quilting friends! I confessed to them last week that I wanted to make something featuring the dutch wax batik fabrics that I have hoarded for almost 15 years - and they came up with the design you see. It has an elegant simplicity about it - and I'm eternally hopefully that it will be achievable in the time remaining to me. What more could one ask?


Marilyn said...

The Dutch fabrics look really good in the pic, with the perspective throwing up 3D images. The quilt will be fabulous. Looks like 'needs must' has put you on a roll! Well done with the finished quilt - looks great and so nice that it's now giving comfort.

Jacky said...

Love your dutch wax batiks (first time I have ever seen them). How lovely to get together with your friends to create the pattern. Good luck with your deadline...shortened somewhat...but I'm sure you'll get it done!
How lovely your friend has her beautiful quilt you made for her. Each time she walks past it, wraps it around herself, she will be think of you.

Jacky xox