Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

or in my case, books it would seem. I have not so much as held a needle in my hand this month. Instead I seem to have been constantly clutching the latest book that I have not been able to put down.

First there was A S Byatt - The Children's Book (fabulous if you are interested in textiles, ceramics, history of the V&A Museum and creativity at the turn of the 20th Century) closely followed by my third reading of Possession. It still sweeps me away.

Then there was Wally Lamb - The Hour I First Believe (centered around two characters impacted on by the Columbine killings and so much more).

For variety I fled fiction and opted for Chris Booth's wonderful sculptures in Woven Stone - this has me feeling a growing and urgent need to tour the country to see these sculptures in person. Just wonderful.

And now I'm in the grip of Steig Larsson - I fear this won't be over until the third book in the trilogy is finished.

Meanwhile the quilting schedule is taking a hammering. Such is life - such is the joy of books.

For light relief I travelled up to the Wairarapa for the day yesterday - my husband was taking part in a mountain running race up Mt Holdsworth - so post a delicious breakfast at the French Cafe I wandered through Greytown and spotted this... knitted things hanging from trees
and wonderful ironwork
I think I feel the stirrings of the need to be creative again....

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Jacky said...

Aaahhh Steig Larrson...I am in his grip too. My husband was eagerly awaiting the third in the millenium series to be released last October (he even had it on order and he doesnt normally read much!!!). I've read the first two, the third is on bedside!
I also have "Posession" but havent read that as I am keen to read that soon. I will also keep an eye out for "The Childrens Book", sounds like something I would love. Just love it when someone introduces you too a new and exciting author.
Nothing like a break and some good books.

Jacky xox