Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monthly Miscellany

Well it seems such a long time between posts that a monthly round up is most appropriate. I'm pleased to say that I have finally properly finished my stones quilt - that is properly in terms of it now having a hanging sleeve and label, it has had a trip to show and tell at Guild and, today it moved to its new home. I gave this quilt to my friend Carol as it reminded her so strongly of the colours in the landscape from her childhood home in the Ohakune in the volcanic plateau. It's turned out to be the perfect gift for her as in the last week one of her sisters has died and I hope that this will be a reminder of the memories she holds of their childhood.
I find it a little strange that I intended the quilt to be about one thing and it so appropriately was really meant to be about something else altogether. Such is the nature of life sometimes. On the back of the quilt I have written:

Rarangi maunga, tu tonu, tu tonu.
Rarangi tangata, ngaro noa, ngaro noa.
You have gone, but your mountain is everlasting.
Haere ra Jan.

I've been doing a bit of tripping around the North Island over the last couple of weeks, since its been school holidays here. The prize textile find of the holidays was this wonderful tray cloth which has been exquisitely stitched to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Of course I immediately thought it would make a great cushion for my daughter's friend who we recently made the quilt for, given she refers to herself as Queen Elizabeth III.
I really loved the detail in it - you might just be able to make out the Queen in her carriage below.

Yesterday I went out to visit the Craft Fair at Pataka Museum and the Maori Art Market which was also being held out there. Lots of wonderful creativity on show at both events and it was particularly lovely to meet Rochelle there and her friend Cleo. They both have me very inspired to try the organic dying techniques of India Flint - I'm thinking it will be a perfect activity for post Christmas when I have three weeks at the beach with lots of time for experimentation and access to the materials needed. I have resisted getting into fabric dying and printing for a long time as it all felt so messy and difficult, but this feels different - like an adventure that I am on the edge of. At the same time I have a few ideas for discharge dying that I want to try and which will be a great partner to this new activity. It's always so good to have something to look forward to - I feel a trip to Minerva for India's book coming on... Roll on summer!


Marilyn said...

QEII is great, crown and all. but I LOVE the unicorn and the bloke at the back!

Margaret said...

Do you want to buy the India Flint book for the Guild library?

Margaret said...

Conditional upon a review, of course!

Gina E. said...

What a find! I love Royal memorabilia, and have a few nice items, but there is another blogger in Australia who has a fantastic collection of Royals memorabilia - Sylvia at

Ahipara Girl said...

Hey Sweets

It was great seeing you Saturday. I got to meet you and Kathryn Marrison all on the same day. Heart be still. I'd love to catch up at some stage, we could do some dyeing if you get a free day or meet for a half day adventure at some stage. I too have little boys ... 13, 7, 10 months. Perhaps we could even do a cofffee after a jaunt to Minerva. Ok, me lovely, have a wonderful day. You sentiments behind your latest creation were particularly touching. I have a feeling we shall be seeing a bit of each other over the next period of time.

Jacky said...

You've been so busy Philippa...your latest quilt looks fantastic and what a heartfelt gift to your friend.
The Royal tray cloth is a treasure! Sounds perfect for your cushion too.
I can highly recommend the India Flint book, eco dyeing, I bought it a while back and love perusing it. Have plans to do some eco dyeing myself.
You must check out the blog of Carolyn Saxby (on my blog link...loves stitching red), thats if you dont already visit it. She does some wonderful dyeing too with blueberries, st. johns wort etc. too. I love visiting her blog and seeing what she has been up to.

Jacky xox