Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Best of Intentions

You might have thought from my last post that I swearing off bringing more things into my already crowded sewing room, but of course that isn't quite the way it tends to work. A couple of weeks ago I got a call from my sister in law to say that there was a garage sale close by that I needed to call into as there was lots of embroideries and linen there. I mean to say - what are you supposed to do when you get a call like that?

I must say I have never seen anything quite like it. The house was literally full up with treasures being sold and when I spoke to one of the men selling I heard more of the story - his mother-in-law had died 18 months ago and it has taken them that long to get to the stage they had. There were a number of rooms in the house at the time she died that couldn't even be entered as there was so much put into them - china, ornaments, dolls, records, books, toys, kitchen items, furniture, infact just about anything you can think of. He said that his mother-in-law had for many, many years visited all the local garage sales and without fail bought things that she then squeezed into her house until she could scarcely move around it.

I feel deeply for the family - what a burden to have to devote yourself to working through it all. And inspite of our recent experiences, which were nothing compared to this, I did the only thing I could and took some of the textiles off his hands and into my welcoming arms.

I have a real soft spot for breakfast tray clothes and was delighted to find this one. The woman carrying the coffee pot is so jaunty.
This lovely lady joins others that were already in my collection including this rooster, who is crowing - If you be wise 'tis time to rise. How irresistible!
And this dog who is ready to face the day.
Next time someone makes me breakfast in bed (or should that be next time I do it for myself) I really will have to use one of these. They bring such a smile to my face they would be a great addition to the pleasure of coffee and the paper in bed. And honestly - what more can we ask for at the start of the day?


Gina E. said...

Reading your post makes me worry about what will happen to my linen collection if I died suddenly without having an action plan in place! I have actually stipulated in my will that all my linens go to the Embroiderer's Guild, as I know they will end up in good homes somewhere. The Guild can keep what they want for their collection and sell the rest to their members. I love tray cloths too, and these three are so cute! Especially the rooster.

AL said...

A lovely find and nice that they go to a good home. For Heaven's sake - what else are you meant to do but buy them and bring them home! Its not clutter its.....history.

Jacky said...

What great finds! I must find some garage sales to visit.
I hate to think what someone will think when I'm gone and they have to sift through my 'treasures'. Al is right, they are history.

Jacky xox