Friday, July 3, 2009

Desperately seeking escapism

Winter can be so bleak sometimes that I thought a pick me up was in order today, for me if no one else. Of course I'd like to show off something that I have been working on recently but illness has overtaken creativity of late.

However when browsing through the photos I realised I'd never shown this wool and felt work bag I made for myself some time ago after doing a class with Rosemary McLeod. Most of the other bags had a more distinctly 40s look to them, while mine was, well, different. I think someone told me they thought they looked liked prancing body builders....the things people think of!

After that analysis the more subdued back drew less spirited comment - just as well probably! I was reminded of the bag today as I discovered a long neglected project in it....just the thing for some therapy to recover from the colds and coughs that have invaded our house just in time for the school holidays...


Marianne Bos said...

Love the bags! Cool colours too

Jacky said...

I hope you're feeling better Phillipa...lots of dreaded bugs about!
I love needle felting, so of course your bag appeals...cant wait to see the project you found within.

Take care of yourself.

Jacky xox

Gina E. said...

Nice bag, but I'm gazing at that stunning tablecloth in the background!

Ahipara Girl said...

I'd love to do a Rosemary Mcleod workshop. Now she is genius. Go you and your bag, and not doing what everyone else was doing. I like dark colours so a black felted bag works for me too.