Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Best Present of All

That was the verdict from Elizabeth when she was finally given her birthday quilt. When she opened the parcel her jaw fell open and she was lost for words - and believe me, you don't often see that with any 14 year old, let alone this one! So we were well rewarded for our efforts. It will be a well loved quilt.

Meanwhile I've been doing more stitching around those pigeon holes and while I have been doing it they have changed in my mind to stones from the volcanic plateau. Must have been the influence of the few days up at the lake and the photo I posted of the lake shore.
I had the piece with me at my book group a few days ago and one of my friends who is from that part of the country was particularly taken with the quilt.

I think it may have a new name and a new owner who doesn't quite know what is coming her way yet....
I'll be spending the day at the Wellington Museum tomorrow with members of the Wellington Quilting Guild showing what can be done with fabric. They have invited out Guild to exhibit work for the day as part of their Sampler series which is focusing on the reuse of materials. A perfect fit for quilting really. I'll be taking along my two quilts with doilies and am looking forward to the day. If you are in the neighbourhood, do drop by. Photos are sure to follow.


Jacky said...

Philippa the quilt for your daughter is beautiful...what wonderful fabrics! I love the one with the green frond (at least I think thats what it is). What a lovely surprise for your daughter.

Pigeon holes is really coming along too. Lovely that you have a special someone in mind for it...what a treat!

Hope you get to play along with the 10-minute collages. I find they are easy to manage and really get me thinking about why I chose certain images/words. I dont do one every day (especially the days I work) but I am happy to get a few done a week...thats a record for me journalling. After the weekend ones, I was wondering if I really needed a some quiet time or if I am just a bit lazy and love relaxing and stitching???

Take care and let me know if you do any collages.

Jacky xox

karen said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment, your name will be in the draw! I love your stones, just perfect!

Ahipara Girl said...

I struggle with the quilting I see these days. I do not quilt so I do appreciate the skill involved in piecing and the time it all takes. However it all seems very colour-by-numbers and contrived sometimes. I like your quilt with the organic circles. Its a little different. I am not a quilter and so it takes something different to turn my head. I love organic quilts, handstitched old American ones that aren't symmetrical. U have some interesting ideas on your blog, esp the doileys bunting. I love to depart from the conservative and explore. It certainly is refreshing to see some fresh creativity. Not that I'm an expert, I just know what I like. I hope we do bump into one another one day.