Thursday, February 19, 2009

Picking up the Casualties

I've been as shocked as everyone else about the terrible bushfires in Victoria, and generally not feeling that I had anything of substance to contribute on this blog. On the weekend however I had a few hours to spare up in the sewing room and, having reflected so much on the need for aid and compassion, found myself drawn once again to the tea cosy. There is something comforting about them I've decided - the sharing of tea in times of distress, taking the time to talk and listen.

So here is the tea cosy as a form of first aid - There is a famous quote from one of our ex-Prime Minister's, made in different times and different circumstances, but they seemed the perfect words for the back. Incase you can't read them easily, the back panel is inscribed with the following -
"But what say we have a little breather and then we set off on the road again after
we have picked up the casualties and had a cuppa...."
David Lange, Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1984 - 1989.

It all came together quickly and is just the beginning of what may, I suspect, become something of a regular feature in my creative life. In the meantime my thoughts continue to be with those in Victoria who are so in need of our compassion and assistance.


Frogdancer said...

Thank you for contributing to the book drive for Jarryd. Not only tea cosies, but books too are a comfort!!!

Marilyn said...

Lovely! I've been slow to look this week. That'll teach me. I really like the look of the cross with something in it - not just plain.

Gina E. said...

It's been and gone now, but thank you for your concern for us here in Victoria, Phillipa. We all appreciate the kindness and compassion shown by our blogger friends since the bushfires here. That is a very special teacosy, and a lovely story behind it.