Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the home stretch

Serious countdown time now and it's starting to come together nicely - wedding quilt is all completed with only the label to go.... I'm so pleased I decided to get it quilted by Sue - she's done a marvellous job in super quick time. It has a large leafy vine pattern all over it which really suits the colours and feel of the quilt. Without her I'd have been turning up at the wedding without a gift for my brother and almost sister in law. Never a good look!
Of course I made too much binding (I always seem to have this problem) so decided to put it onto a few small pieces which have been sitting around. I'm so pleased with the improvement its made to them that these are also destined for the gift giving pile. I will never think of excess binding as a problem again.
I've even been putting the odd doiley on the back in preparation for labels. I particularly love this Lily.
It's quite exciting really - its probably the most organised I've ever been for Christmas and it feels rather good.
Now there's just the children -that will be another story altogether....

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