Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Collaborative Quilting

I'm pleased to be able to tell you that our guest Morepork eventually left us and my daughter and I were then able to get onto the new project that had been our plan. One of her friends is currently having chemo so of course we decided that a quick collaborative quilt was in order to cheer her up. We couldn't get started until her end of year exams were over and time pressure has been on us to get it done.

We picked a pattern by Valori Wells called Olive Rose which is one of her free patterns available on her blog. It uses some large scale fabrics in very big pieces so goes together quickly and looks effective. The quilt is 60 x 80 inches.

Of course I didn't have any of the fabrics Valori had designed for the project but pulled together some that we felt worked well together and that my daughter was certain would appeal to the eventual owner.

My job was to cut the fabrics and to plan layout in consultation with my daughter, while she pieced it together. This basically took a couple of afternoons - quick by any measure.

I then gave her a drawing of what I thought the back could look like with some fabrics we had at hand - this is what I gave her

and this is what she turned it into. Nothing shows our differences more. I would have just started piecing and kept going until it was big enough - she worked out the measurements of all the required pieces so I could cut them. She has a strong maths background - mine is rudimentary.... need I say more!

Of course one of the best parts of working together like this was that I could contract out the bits I don't enjoy - like the pinning!

Here's her masterpiece of a back, complete with label.

And here's a small view of the quilt complete with binding. I did most of the quilting in the interests of a speedy finish.

We delivered off the quilt on Monday and the owner was delighted. She has spent much time over recent years telling me how much she likes my quilts - and it clearly paid off as a strategy. It was lovely to see her smiling and with it wrapped around her shoulders.

And that's what makes quilting so rewarding! I have a feeling this won't be the last of our collaborative ventures but I sincerely hope it's the last quilt I make for a friend facing chemo. I know I've said this before but I can only hope not to have to repeat myself. Hope is a powerful emotion, so who knows - maybe this time it will work.


Jacky said...

What a beautiful collaborative quilt for Mother and must have been heart warming to see your daughters friend wrapped in her quilt (they bring such wonder in the old days they called them a comforter).

Such a beautiful, generous heart you have Phillipa.

Sending Peace and Love to your and your family for Christmas and Good Health and Happiness for 2013.

Loved following along with your blog this year.

Jacky xox

My son is heading over to NZ at the end of January for six weeks (showjumping, taking his horse). I dont think I will be able to go across with them, but if I happen to get across for a week and am anywhere near you I would love to catch up for a coffee/lunch !!! Would be so nice to meet you in person. Will let you know if anything pans out for me.

Lisa said...

The finished product is beautiful and obviously you enjoyed the journey. Talk about a win-win scenario.