Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moving on .... to the shiney, shiney

The label is on the quiltand the binding is looking great.

It's even been shown off at Guild, so it's time to pass this onto it's new owner and for me to move onto my next project.

In the meantime I have managed to very successfully distract myself with some lovely shiney things that I found on Trade Me. Today the parcel finally arrived in the letter box, revealling

many beautiful ribbons and belts,

adorned here and there with wonderful vintage buckles,

and lots of shiney, sparkly things. My friend's don't call me a magpie for nothing! My daughter is still to arrive home from school but I have a feeling something from this parcel could well end up adorning her new ball dress.... I'll keep you posted.


Jacky said...

TREASURES ..... I've never heard of trade me? But your treasures are just divine. Do love vintage. I can just see one of them adorning your daughters dress...beautiful!

Yayyy for your finished quilt. What a lovely gift to your friend.

Jacky xox

karen said...

your quilt looks lovely...I am sure your friend will love it!

Jacky said...

Couldnt find your email address and your comment has no reply address......
just wanted to let you know all OK and yes!!!! have been to the Vienna: Art and Design exhibition. Very EXCITING to see some of Klimt's work in real life! Definately going back for another look (or two) before it ends in October. Absolutely beautiful, such beautiful faces and those patterns and colour!!! You could imagine knowing how much I love Klimt. also work by Egon Schiele. Loved his sunflowers and also some of his watercolour portraits.
Have my MIL staying (not well) and my son Matt coming home for a quick visit next week, so havent had time since the exhibition to blog. Exhibition went super...we all sold paintings/textile work so all very happy.
Thanks for stopping by to check on me. Will do a post soon....promise.

Jacky xox