Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy, Happy, Happy

I feel its somehow not quite proper to say this... but I'm feeling very pleased with myself. After so many weeks of gnawing anxiety the quiting went like an absolute dream. No puckers, no wrinkles, no need to restretch or repin. Couldn't have possibly hoped for a better result.

The lessons I have taken from this quilt (because there are always lessons to learn - even after 20 years) is that pinning to within an inch of quilt's life works, that stitching through the joins of large pieces works and (probably most importantly) using loosely woven wools on the backing may create more work than it is worth, even if they look and feel divine.

I'm left with an awful lot of ends to stitch into the quilt - but that happens when you really want to quilt lines in only one direction in one part of a quilt.

And after all, there are so many worse things to be doing in winter than sitting in front of a fire stitching threads into quilts.... At this rate I will be able to gift it several month's in advance of the recipient's next birthday - always good to keep the gifts within the calender year in question! All makes me feel happy, happy, happy.


Jacky said...

Oh this looks wonderful have done such a beautiful job!!!! I would love to see this one in the feel it and take in all of the lovely fabric and stitch details.

Jacky xox

Lisa said...

It looks so good that I just want to reach out and touch it. I bet it feels beautiful. I hope you've got some of those easy threading needles to make it easier when you tie off your threads.