Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy endings and exciting beginnings

Now that I'm firmly focused on the To Do list I'm surprising myself with how productive I can be. Its strange, but I tend to not get to the last few things that will complete something - I guess its a form of procrastination, or maybe just a sign that I get another idea and find it hard to resist the temptation to move onto the next thing.

First up was the quilt I started at the Mini-symposium in Picton last Easter (I say this as a reminder to myself on the perils of procrastination). All that remained to be done was the binding on the top edge of the quilt, a label and hanging sleeve - not exactly a lot. I'd had it in my mind that I would finish the top edge with binding made of the blue linen - but when I finally tried it, it just didn't work. In fact a more honest quilter would say it looked awful! So after some pondering I finished it without a binding at all - it is turned to the back on the to edge and I really like the look of it. It's now hanging happily on the wall inside out back door and has been admired already - why did I wait so long to finish it? Who knows!

Next up was "Friday Morning Coffee". This has been waiting for me to find just the right pieces of tatting to finish the top off. I took it to our Quilting Guild several months ago and told people I was looking for some tatted pieces and have since been very kindly given a number of beautiful pieces, some of which are now on the top of this quilt. The beautiful piece above was given to me by a dear friend who was given it by a customer at the quilting shop she works at. The customer asked Marilyn if she knew someone who would appreciate it - and lucky, lucky me it rapidly found it's way to my house.

The only piece I have put on it that isn't tatting is the piece above which my mother gave to me and told me was called hairpin lace as it was made on (you guessed it) hairpins.I'm now in the process of putting the finishing touches on this quilt and then only have the label to - more photos and the full story to follow in due course.

Of course temptation (and ideas) got the better of me and I also started something new - it grew out of an idea I had having pondered the odd combination of those photos of the heat mats from my daughter's science class and the amazing work of Rex Ray. It has a tentative title of "Pigeon Holes" to remind of a previous life of mine as a recruitment consultant. I'm thinking its going to be part of a triptych, as I still have other ideas I want to play with.

Here's a detail of it.... it was so much fun
and so satisfying to not only finish things, but to start something new as well. Here's to many more happy endings and exciting beginnings!


Marilyn said...

Well done!! All looking fabulous and I love the new one... Can't wait to see them in the flesh (actually - in the fabric sounds better). Or does the flesh refer to the viewer?? Where's Max Cryer when you need him!

Jacky said...

I love both of these quilts...the one with the tatting is amazing (how lucky were you to be in the right place at the right time). Sort of has a Kaffe Fassett look about, with all of those wonderful, busy fabrics and topped off with the tatting. Sounds like a lovely quilting group you belong to.
I met with my patchwork girlfriends on Friday for your monthly get together. There are four of us who have met for twenty one years now. They are the loveliest girls. We have also been members of various quilting groups, but have never let our little group go by the wayside.
Pigeon hole is a great little quilt too...very quirky!!!

Take care and hope you're having a lovely week. My son has just come back from 10 days in New Zealand (went skiing at Queenstown...). Very cold, but very beautiful.

Jacky xox