Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doiley Update - Day 2

As promised, an update on the doilies that are currently sprouting in the Wellington Botanic Garden. The artist, Heidi Threlfo, is making steady progress on getting them up onto the magnolia tree at themain entrance to the gardens. The piece is called Home, which I think is really apt. I'm yet to spot her actually putting them up, but who knows what I may manage to capture over the next couple of days.

The big success today was that both sons actually got out of the car to inspect the work and accompany me on the photographic excursion. I wouldn't call it significant progress, but it was a definite improvement on them hiding in the car!

I'd love to post the progress photos but blogger won't let me tonight....... stay tuned.....

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Marilyn said...

I heard a person being interviewed on radio who knits things and then hangs them on things around the city.
She called it graffiti - a kind of gal tag thing. I think it was Wellington - keep a look out.